01. Juni 2022


Wir, die student officers des 4. Semesters und Frau Spors, sind sehr froh unsere 5. Bmun Konferenz vom 20.-21. Mai in den Räumen der KSL mit Erfolg durchgeführt zu haben. Bei dieser Simulation von UN Konferenzen konnten Schüler:innen aus mehreren Berliner Schulen gemeinsam zum Thema "Strengthening Democracy in an Age of Accelerated Change and Innovation" auf Englisch in vier verschiedenen Komitees als Delegierte eine Landes debattieren. Doch nun sollen einige Teilnehmer bzw. Delegierte unserer Schule auf Englisch zu Wort kommen:

Lasse Ingwers (UK)/ Ida Schreiber (Viet Nam): The Bmun conference we participated in was an amazing, fun and educational event. The whole conference was perfectly organized and everything went according to the time schedule. Not only was the food versatile but it was also fantastic meeting new people and realizing the importance and complexity a real UN conference actually has. We are very much looking forward to our next conference and hope we can either travel somewhere (maybe the Netherlands) or attend one MUN conference here in Berlin very soon.

Bilal Abboud (Italy): As a total newcomer to MUN conferences, I was pleasantly surprised by how including and nice everyone was. It was definitely a special experience, since a setting vastly different from normal school classes was created, and I recommend attending next year's Bmun conference.

Viktoria Szymański (UK): The conference was an amazing experience and even though I was intimidated at first, I really grew in confidence. I met a lot of new people and even made a couple of new friends, so it was very much worth it.

Ben Waldera (France): At the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed by the other students and the procedures we had to keep in mind. But as the time passed, it began to be more fun. The “punishments” were funny (you had to sing or act in a short sketch if you did not follow the rules properly) because we got to know each other more and more.

Nadia Félix Padilla (chair of UNESCO): This year's BMUN conference was a fantastic experience. I met many new people from schools all over Berlin and we were able to exchange our ideas in order to come to fruitful solutions. I can’t wait to attend again next year!