Many thanks to all participants of Bmun 2019, our 2nd conference of this kind with around 100 students from 6 different schools. Bmun (Berlin Model United Nations) is a simulation of UN conferences and dealing with pressing issues of our time.

For three days (16-18. May) students were representing a country and engaging in heated debates about “Sustainable Growth”, which was our main topic this year. However, our newly established “Crisis Council” was also dealing with a more fictitious scenario, namely how to fight a lethal zombie virus and delegates had to think about strategies to solve the problem.

Without the dedication of our KSL students, the well-prepared delegates from other schools and the support of our Förderverein at KSL an event like this would not be possible. Again, well done everyone and we hope to see many of you at our conference next year!
Your student officer team of Bmun 2019 and Mrs. Spors (KSL teacher and MUN coordinator)

A few words from the student officer team:
Tommy Lee Kwok (Deputy Secretary General): Bmun 2019 is over and I, your Deputy Secretary General, look back at the marvelous and amusing days we as the “United Nations” spent together! Thank you to everyone attending the conference and sparing no effort to pass a resolution! It was great having you all of you at the conference and I hope I will see all of you next year!

Nene Töben (Chair of the General Assembly): Bmun was a great experience, especially because we were organizing it ourselves and I also enjoyed being a chair for the first time. Being chair allowed me to see the delegates become more confident throughout the conference. Additionally, I could also become more confident and comfortable with MUN myself, because I gained a lot more experience during these 3 days. Therefore I hope to be part of next year’s Bmun again, to speak English with people from different schools, to get to know them and to broaden my knowledge further.

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