BIGMUN - Model United Nations Conference 2017

When I look back at our time in the Debating class and our trip to Copenhagen, I must say that the entire experience was one of the highlights of my time on the Liebfrauenschule. Not only did all of us learn a lot, but we had lots of fun throughout the entire time.

During the first few lessons of the class, we started with the basics: How do you win a debate? What makes a convincing argument, and what makes a good speech? All of us improved our speaking skills during these lessons, and I even feel like I learned some things for the next time I was “debating” about non-political topics with friends and family…

Then we began to get some more actual practice: We formed teams of three and started debating on a variety of topics, including the morality of abortion, the freedom of teenagers, the legalization of marijuana, and the corruption of the Olympic Games. Knowing how dreadful these kind of class activities can be, I was extremely surprised how exciting these debates turned out. All of us were becoming very passionate about these topics and really wanted to win the discussion. They soon became one of my favorite parts about going to school.

However, these debates were only the preparation for the actual highlight of the class: A trip to Copenhagen and the participation in a Model United Nations Conference. If you don’t know what a Model United Nations Conference is, it is very simple to explain: You reenact a real UN Conference, which means that you get to defend your countries position on different subjects and political conflicts and vote for resolutions for these conflicts, just like in the real UN.

Participating in this conference is a one of a kind experience, as you and learn a great deal about real world politics and the why the United Nations are so important, while meeting and talking to people from all over the world. In my opinion, taking the role of a politician and actively discussing politics is way more exciting than only theorizing about it like you are used to from PW Class.

Outside of the conference, we explored Copenhagen on our own, which was a blast. Copenhagen is a beautiful city with many interesting attractions and good, good, food. The evenings were fun, and the nights were short, just like you probably know from every other class trip…

Both the debating class and the MUN Conference were filled with amazing memories from the first moment to the last. I learned a lot both on an educational and on a personal level, and I advise everyone to take the class if they have the chance. You won’t regret it!

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